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Approval of 4 C-ID Descriptors for Biotechnology Courses

A statewide working group has recently completed the approval of 4 C-ID descriptors for our CTE courses.  (One GE Biotech is Still in progress)


Per Krystinne Mica these descriptors are posted on the  C-ID website: http://c-id.net/view_final.html

****Campuses may now submit courses against the descriptors.  ****


 Why have a C-ID for your Courses?

Per a recent update from the CCCCO, “ the Chancellor’s Office initiative to reposition the grant-funded Common Course Identification (C-ID) program to support growth into curriculum beyond ADT transfer level courses, such as expansion into CTE courses, basic skills, and courses supported by the Online Education Initiative, is well on its way. Mt. San Antonio College was awarded the C-ID grant in May and will be responsible for establishing a C-ID local grant operations office, working with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges for C-ID’s curriculum development, and working with the CCC Technology Center to manage the technology supporting the program.  Since C-ID’s inception in 2006, over 15,000 courses have received C-ID determinations, easing the way for quick reciprocity determinations between colleges and universities in our state.”


How Do I Get a C-ID for my course?  If you think your course matches any of the descriptors on the website or attached here, please work with the point person on your campus to submit your course outline for C-ID status.  The point person will likely be the articulation officer or curriculum committee chair.  If they can’t help you through the process, contact the Statewide Academic Senate for Assistance.

Krystinne Mica, M.Ed.
Course Identification Numbering (C-ID) System
Program Specialist
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

How will it help students?   While we do not have Transfer Model Curriculum for Biotech programs at CSUs, C-IDs are still important.  Students may want portability in taking their coursework to another college.  They also may want to take advantage of the upcoming Baccalaureate programs in Biotech at Solano or Mira Costa College.  It is important to do this now so that these colleges can incorporate these courses into their accepted prerequisites for the degree.  Finally, it gives students a way of knowing where they are in their biotechnology education!


CID Methods in Purification (PDF) 

 CID Quality and Regulatory Compliance (PDF) 

CID Applied Biotechnology Techniques with Lab (PDF) 

CID Methods in Eukaryotic Cell Culture Techniques (PDF)