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Student & Parent Orientation

Student & parent orientation helps create a culture that includes dual enrollment. It makes it less scary for students and it helps to set shared expectations.

Sample CCAP & Supporting Agreements


Handbooks are a way to institutionalize policy and process so that there is consistency, particularly with staff change. They are critical resources, particularly in times of staff and leadership change. Student & Parent handbooks should be offered in the languages that are spoken in students homes to create access.

Student & Parent Handbooks

Student & Parent Handbooks (Other States)

Instructor Handbooks

Regional & Administrator Handbooks


Helping students and parents to understand available early college credit options is critical to access. Marketing can be in the form of events, printed materials, or word of mouth (so important to high school students).

  • Early College Credit Flyers: These customizable flyers support marketing of early college credit opportunities (dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, articulation credit by exam). Available in English, Spanish, & Arabic. Add your school logo.

Application Process/Forms

Dual Enrollment Toolkits