With College & Career Access Pathway (CCAP) partnerships, we have started leveraging dual enrollment as a way to support and create opportunity for student who haven’t been thinking of themselves as college students or students in populations which are currently under-represented in higher education. Race is one component and many more populations that are currently under-served could also benefit from dual enrollment. Learn more about the legislation and ed code here.

Dual Enrollment as an Equity Tool

Racial Equity

Working with Adult School Students in GED/HISET/HSD Programs


Resources & Examples

Research & Articles

Justice Impacted Youth

  • Rising Scholars Network  AB 417 authorized the Chancellor Office of the California Community Colleges to establish this program to enter into agreements with up to 50 community colleges to provide additional funds for services in support of postsecondary education for justice-involved students. The website provides resources and information that will help inform programs serving this population. 
  • Underground Scholars Language Guide  Provides guidance on humanizing language to use when discussing individual or group identities and experiences in work with individuals involved in the carceral system.

Differently Abled Students

Students with disabilities are an essential population served by community colleges. These students can also benefit from a well designed dual enrollment program with appropriate supports.

Foster Youth

  • Dual Enrollment for Foster Youth: Toward Effective Practice (February 2022 from CLP) Lessons learned from a 16-month pilot project with three sites across California (the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire ) to explore what it might take to support foster youth in dual enrollment.

English Learners