Program Recommendation Process (PRP) and Data Requests

The COE provides labor market data to deans as part of the Program Recommendation Process (PRP). To request LMI or a PRP report from the COE, click on the link below.

The current regional recommendation process can be found here


  • Before requesting data from the COE, please check to see if an existing report meets your needs. A list of PRP reports produced in the past two years can be found here.
  • The COE asks that deans use the online data request form when requesting LMI. The COE cannot guarantee that requests submitted by email will be received.
  • Due to the number of data requests that the COE receives, a report can take anywhere from three to five business weeks, depending on the nature of the request and the number of reports queued for the region. If the requester asks for more than one report (e.g., data for more than one occupation), then the turnaround time will be longer.
  • When submitting a data request, please include as much information as possible, including the Taxonomy of Programs (TOP) code(s) and occupational name(s), which could be found at
  • Submitting a data request form means that the request is pending. The COE may have follow-up questions regarding the request; therefore, please provide contact information of the person who can help clarify or elaborate on the information provided in the data request form.