Intake: Mesa Journey’s Project Details and Updates (Pathway Navigation Webinar)

San Diego Mesa College

In this Pathway Navigation webinar, Leroy Johnson and Charlie Lieu from San Diego Mesa College shared detail about their work improving intake processes and the recently developed “Your Mesa Journey” project. Colleagues from the region ask detailed questions, reflected on how this work applied to their own college’s onboarding goals, and developed actionable steps for follow-up.

“[Some] of the consistent feedback we got was that we have a lot of services but just not a consistent and easy way to get the word out to our students. So from that we formulated our Mesa Journey team to try to resolve this problem.”

–Charlie Lieu, San Diego Mesa College

Learn more in Mesa College’s Breakthroughs episode.

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  • Published 2019
  • Topic Intake
  • Type Promising Practice
  • Format Video
  • Project/Commitee
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