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Business Information Worker (BIW) – Statewide Marketing Communication Program

March 6, 2015

To: CCC CIOs, CTE Deans, CCC Counselors and Faculty

Re: Business Information Worker: A Statewide Program Gains Momentum

The Business Information Worker (BIW) pathway is a statewide communication program designed with faculty involvement to prepare many of your students for entry-level jobs and to inform business of the rich capabilities that exist at every California Community College campus. This pathway utilizes existing academic programs and courses. No new curriculum is created.

The pathway represents a set of skills in demand by businesses throughout the state based upon interviews with placement agencies and cross-referenced with advisory groups and other Labor Market Information. BIW incorporates Keyboarding, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Information Systems, Business Communications and Human Relations/Customer Service.

Earlier this month in San Diego, where the BIW concept and first cohort started, Manpower was on campus sponsoring a two-day job fair and hired over 104 students meeting these criteria.
Compared to normal job fairs where 2 or 3 students are hired, this was an enormous success.

The BIW program is at 8 of 9 colleges in the San Diego Region and is nearing 15% of colleges statewide. When BIW participating colleges reach the 50-80% range we will begin a statewide business information dissemination program. Please help us reach that goal in the next two months by enlisting your college.

Advantages to business are to have a known skill set detailed and communicated consistently across the state. The advantage to students, who need employment sooner rather than later, is a clear and definitive pathway that leads to an entry-level job. The advantage to the CCCs is that only the consistent message is new, the classes are already in place. Simply identify existing courses and submit them on the BIW website and in less than a day, after verification, your college can be part of the statewide program. Colleges are encouraged to sign on at http://ict- dm.net/BIW.

Considering that 70% of CCC students discontinue their studies less than a year after enrollment, there is a need to define job pathways within that short time period. In a comprehensive survey of CCC Counselors, effective entry-level job training was described as the largest single training gap in the suite of CCC offerings. Students can return for advanced credentials and pathways as their income permits.
“While a four-year degree is still an HR standard in most companies, we have searched for the entry level pathways that allow our students to get a job, gain experience and then further their education.” said Statewide ICT/DM Sector Navigator, Steve Wright.

BIW is the first, and easiest, in a series of effective job readiness pathways that are being introduced by the Doing What Matters, Information Communications Technology (ICT)-Digital Media Sector Team and the Small Business Sector Team.

Additional branded pathways to be introduced by the ICT-Digital Media Team this year include: Computer Retail Specialist, User Support Help Desk (Computer/Network) and Fast-Track Information Technology maximizing 3rd party Certification achievement with industry demand.
Criteria for entry-level branded pathways include at least 20,000 jobs available statewide, an expectation that 80-90% of completers can get a job, and that training is less than a year – preferably 6 months.

The branded pathways, like the BIW, support your Career Technical Education program similar to how the Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) supports CCC Transfers to the CSUs. The difference is that the branded pathways result in jobs by emphasizing relevant skills and allowing the colleges to voluntarily select the appropriate matching curriculum. In either case, the result is more statewide consistency, effectiveness, and relevance for the CCC system.
For questions please contact:

Steve Wright

Director & Sector Navigator
Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media California Community Colleges
PO Box 1064, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91358 Desk: 805-496-8583, Cell: 805-231-8444