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Clean Energy Jobs, Dazzling Drones, Electric Buses, and STEM for Young Women

Antelope Valley Transit Authority to Buy 85 BYD Electric Buses

Transit Agency Takes Major Step Toward Becoming Nation’s First 100 Percent Electric Public Transit Fleet

From NGT News on February 11, 2016NGT News

During a special meeting, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) board of directors voted to award electric vehicle maker BYD a contract to manufacture up to 85 electric buses over a five-year period. Los Angeles-based BYD Motors will build the 85 buses for AVTA at its manufacturing facility in Lancaster, California.
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Watch: Meet the Dazzling Flying Machines of the Future

Pushing the Boundaries of Autonomous Flight


Check out the video at ted.com

Drones Featured in Interactive TED Talk

Raffaello D’Andrea develops flying machines, and his latest projects are pushing the boundaries of autonomous flight — from a flying wing that can hover and recover from disturbance to an eight-propeller craft that’s ambivalent to orientation — to a swarm of tiny coordinated micro-quadcopters.

Prepare to be dazzled by a dreamy, swirling array of flying machines as they dance like fireflies above the TED stage.




National Program Invites Young Women to Explore Careers in Transportation

Transportation YOU Mentoring Program Introduces Girls to “Cool” Transportation Jobs


WTS International, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the transportation industry, is expanding its reach to young girls across the country.

Through its Transportation YOU program, WTS chapters introduce young women ages 13-18 to STEM studies and a wide variety of careers in transportation.

This hands-on, interactive mentoring program offers activities designed to spark interest in all modes of transportation. Girls are encouraged to take courses in math, science and technology which can lead them to careers that can positively impact the transportation industry. WTS chapters span the state from Sacramento to San Diego, with contact information for each location available on the website. Read More →


Economy Would Gain Two Million New Jobs in Low-Carbon Transition, Study Says

Clean Energy Jobs Created Would More Than Offset Loss of Fossil Fuel Jobs by 2050

inside climatBy Naveena Sadasivam forInsideClimate News

A new report finds that switching heavily to wind, solar and other sources for generating electricity could create an additional 1 million jobs by 2030 and 2 million by 2050.

The report, by the Virginia-based consulting firm ICF International, found that a large-scale shift to renewable sources for generating electricity could increase U.S. employment by 1 million jobs by 2030 and 2 million by 2050, even after accounting for job losses related to fossil fuels. The transition would also provide between $300 and $650 in additional disposable income per household annually in 2050, the report found.

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ATRE (Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy) represents an array of clean energy technologies that form a critical part of California’s strategy for reducing its climate change impact and its dependency on foreign energy, as well as growing a robust green economy by helping California’s businesses remain competitive in a global market.

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ATRE: Ensuring that California has a Highly Skilled, Clean-Energy Workforce