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Budget Requirements and Procedures (PDF)

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Quarterly Report

Region’s role/approval process for Local Share CTE EF ($2,478,992)

1. Distributes final CTE EF requirements as set by CCCCO.
2. Updates region as to availability of online application and per college allocation amount.
3. Regional Consortium’s fiscal agent notifies colleges of deadlines to submit applications.
4. Programs requested for funding as listed on the online applications, once submitted, will be posted by the Consortium fiscal agent on the Consortium website, listed by TOP Code, type of expenditure, other data, as required by CCCCO.
5. WDC performs secondary certification to confirm each college’s proposals meet CTE EF criteria. Colleges will have an opportunity to review the list regionally to avoid unnecessary oversupply and review the potential positive impact on the region’s workforce training capacity. WDC appoints subcommittee to review 60% applications.
6. Fiscal agent distributes subgrants to colleges in a timely manner.

Region’s role/approval process for Regional Share CTE EF ($1,652,662)

1. Distributes final CTE EF requirements as set by CCCCO.
2. Updates region as to the availability of the online application and deadlines to submit.
3. Full WDC will serve as the review committee.
4. Committee utilizes an evaluation rubric based on CTE EF criteria.
5. If proposals meet the mandated criteria, and total funds requested do not exceed region’s allocation, no further competitive process is required.
6. If total proposals exceed region’s allocation, the competitive process of ranked scoring will commence.
7. WDC approves the recommended awardees.
8. Fiscal agent distributes subgrants to lead college for each proposal in a timely manner.


CTE EF Planning History (PDF)