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Other DWM Sectors

The California Community College Workforce and Economic Development Initiative meet its legislated mission by connecting with key industries that drive California’s economy.  Based on a comprehensive labor market analysis, the region selected seven sectors as local priorities which can be found online at Doing What Matters (DWM).  Sectors not selected by our region are listed below. Sector Navigators address workforce needs on a statewide level and are great contacts for sector specific information.

Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies

Most people think agriculture is farming or ranching. However, modern agriculture encompasses much more. Agriculture and agricultural sciences touch every aspect of American society from the individual consumer’s health and safety to the nation’s welfare, security, and environmental sustainability.
Sector Navigator Contact: Nancy Gutierrez
[email protected]

Energy (Efficiency), Construction & Utilities

The Energy and Utilities industries are engaged in developing, implementing, and managing technologies related to the generation, distribution, storage, and efficient use of energy.
Sector Navigator Contact: James Morante
[email protected]

Retail/Hospitality/Tourism ‘Learn and Earn’

The hospitality and tourism sector includes lodging, restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, transportation, and additional fields within the tourism industry. This sector can be broken into four main subsectors: food services, accommodation, activities/amusement and transportation.
Sector Navigator Contact: Joy Hermsen
Hermsen_[email protected]