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Strong Workforce Plans

The Strong Workforce Program requires each region to develop a four-year regional workforce development plan with local workforce Development Boards (who are funded by WIOA) and other partners, and is reviewed annually. In our region, the WIOA and CCCCO planning units are the same – San Diego & Imperial Counties; the planning unit is called the Southern Border. Outcomes from the regional plan include a confirmation of the sectors that drive our regional economy, and agreement on regional workforce development strategic priorities.

The regional Workforce Development Plan, with summaries of our SWP local and regional funding plans, is due to CCCCO by January 31, 2017.  It must be approved prior to that by SDICCCA.

Several planning committee meetings have been held with representatives of all our partners in preparation of developing the regional plan.  This planning culminated in a large regional meeting held Monday, November 7.  This meeting was open to all interested participants who would like to have input on what we as a region believe the workforce development regional priorities are.  As we go forward in future years, the Regional Plan informs our local & regional funding plans and provides guidance on the gaps where collective action will result in improved student/client outcomes.

Strong Workforce Program Regional Plan 2016-2017

Strong Workforce Program Regional Plan 2017-2018

Strong Workforce Program Regional Plan 2018-2019


Southern Border Workforce Development Regional Plan
Southern Border Planning Committee members