Regional Apprenticeship Planning Team (RAPT)
In response to the Governor’s goal to train 500,000 apprentices by 2029, and in preparation for increased federal and state funding to support apprenticeships, members from throughout the region attended an Apprenticeship convening in Long Beach to discuss ideas for expanding apprenticeships. At this meeting, the Region 10 participants came up with an asset matrix and potential action plan for moving forward. Other regions that have already begun using a collaborative approach are ahead of us in apprenticeship work.

As a collective, create a space for all partners to find needed resources and share best practices to support employers and students through apprenticeship. The collective will also present opportunities for efficient collaboration on funding opportunities to build or expand the apprenticeship model, encouraging transparency and leveraging existing resources to further serve students and employers.

For additional RAPT information – RAPT Google Doc

Contact- Joe Stark, Apprenticeship Director

Apprenticeship Spring 2023 Five-Session Workshop Series