• Ute Maschke, California Adult Education Program (CAEP)/East Region Adult Education (ERAE) Program Manager
  • Kelly Henwood, Special Projects Manager/San Diego Adult Education Regional Consortium (SDAERC) Director, San Diego College of Continuing Education (SDCCE)


  • Increase awareness of adult education and noncredit programs at institutions and for students.
  • Ensure curriculum and instruction incorporates skills that align with industry needs.
  • Ensure students have access to training programs and career pathways with multiple entry and exit options.
  • Examine equitable learning across student populations.


  • Awareness: Students and communities knowledgeable about Adult Education and Noncredit offerings.
  • Pathway development and curriculum alignment: Effective alignment of Adult Education and Noncredit programming in meeting the workforce development needs of the region and providing pathways to community colleges.
  • Equitable learning for all:  Support and professional development to illustrate best practices addressing student need and equity in programming and delivery for all students.
  • Leverage resources to achieve outcomes.

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