Regional Oversight Committee (ROC)

Sunita Cooke, CEO, MiraCosta; Wesley Lundburg, CEO, SD Mesa; VACANT, CSSO, SD City; Vikash Lakhani, CSSO; Palomar; Michelle Fischthal, CIO, SDCCE; Minou Spradley, CIO, Southwestern; Lorenze Legaspi, CBO, SD Mesa; Nikki Salgado, CBO, Cuyamaca; Marshall Fulbright, District Instruction, GCCCD; Susan Topham, District Instruction, SDCCDAl Taccone, WDC Chair, MiraCosta; VACANT, Past WDC Chair; Jess Lopez, Dean, SD Miramar; Tina Ngo-Bartel, Regional COE Director; Christina Sharp, Faculty, MiraCosta; Sharon Sampson, Faculty, Grossmont; Diana Arredondo, Faculty, Southwestern; Leroy Brady, Faculty, SD City; Daniel Ortiz, Faculty, Imperial Valley; Tina-Marie Parker, Faculty Palomar; Will Olmstead, Faculty, SDCCE; Danene Brown, Regional Chair; Sally Cox, CEO, GCCCD Foundation

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President’s Newsletter: In order to provide consistent and strategic communication, workgroup leads prepare and disseminate a monthly President’s Newsletter that highlights all of the on-going Strong Workforce efforts. A link to all newsletters to-date can be found here

Please visit the Resources to find ROC meeting agendas, materials and minutes.