As Strong Workforce was launched, the leaders in San Diego and Imperial Counties (SDIC) determined to invest regional funds in comprehensive systems reform. The focus of our efforts were on building the capacity of the region to better serve students and improving institutions with the goal of increasing access to college and careers and social mobility.

SDIC chose to spend the first year of Strong Workforce researching best practices and using evidence to identify strategies to improve student outcomes. The region selected five priorities for Strong Workforce reflecting the call to serve more students and with better outcomes. In 2016-17 these priorities were:

  • Career Pathways and Work-Based Learning—to better prepare our students for college
  • Employment Readiness and Job Placement—to better prepare our students for careers and support them in launching their careers
  • Marketing—to increase awareness of community college career education
  • Labor Market Research—to augment the COE to ensure that the colleges had the resources they needed to make informed decisions for students

As the region finished its initial research phase these categories were adapted listed below. The Collaborative Projects category was replaced by Improving the Student Enrollment Experience based on research conducted by the region. These are the projects in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 program years.

  • Pre-College Outreach and Career Pathways
  • Guided Career Pathways: Employment Readiness and Job Placement
  • Marketing
  • Improving the Student Enrollment Process
  • Labor Market Research

SWP Governance Structure
Membership by Workgroup
Membership by College

The region’s approach to Strong Workforce is represented by the Student Roadmap to Success. (Link to roadmap)

President’s Newsletter: In order to provide consistent and strategic communication, workgroup leads prepare and disseminate a monthly President’s Newsletter that highlights all of the on-going Strong Workforce efforts. A link to all newsletters to-date can be found here