K14 Career Pathways


  • Amertah Perman, Dean of Career Education and Workforce Development, San Diego Community College District (SDCCD)
  • Al Love, Senior Director, College and Career Leadership, San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)
  • Denise Cabanilla, Director, Higher Education and Adult Learning, Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE)


Clarify the Path / Postsecondary Engagement:

  • Outreach – Meaningful engagement and exploration by career pathway
  • Alignment – Intersegmental pathway alignment (K14) and industry alignment
  • Acceleration – early college credit, credit for prior learning, etc.

Facilitate intersegmental relationship building, communication, and monitoring of  progress toward regional goals through regular collaborative engagements with K-12, community colleges, adult education, noncredit and local workforce development representatives.


  • To ensure equitable access and smooth transitions, support the collaborative growth of quality regional existing and new career education pathways by increasing awareness and identifying opportunities for strengthened alignment with industry and across educational segments (K12, Adult Education, Community College).
  • Develop, implement, regularly update and promote a career mapping program finder that helps facilitate program alignment and encourage collaboration among partners to improve transitions and postsecondary pathway completions.

  • Accelerate student completions by improving, aligning, and expanding career education early college credit opportunities for disproportionately impacted students.


  • Strong, collaborative, and integrated working relationships across K14 career education pathways focused on regional strong workforce goals and priority sectors
  • Equity in regional career education pathways’ student success  
  • Adaptable career pathways that meet regional priority workforce demands
  • Broad awareness and understanding of regional career pathways from middle  school and high school, adult education, and community college 
  • Accessible high quality career education pathways to high-wage, high-demand  occupations that include career exploration, work-based learning, and pathway accelerators for all students

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