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The Health Workforce Initiative identifies the workforce needs of our region’s healthcare delivery systems and meets those needs with training developed through analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Community Colleges provide education and training programs to meet the demand for healthcare workers with input from our industry partners.  Industry: We can provide customized training for your employees.



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The California Community Colleges in San Diego/Imperial Region invites you to join the Nursing and Allied Health Programs as a full-time or adjunct faculty. Please see the attached videos to learn more about the health educator role and benefits of working at the community colleges.  If interested in having a fulfilling and rewarding career in education, please e-mail us at:

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Medical Assistant Training Program

The role of the Medical Assistant (MA) is expanding due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  In light of these changes, the Health SN/DSNs facilitated a DACUM Job Analysis by working with a panel of expert Medical Assistants from various practice entities throughout the state.  Subsequently, the DSN facilitated the revision of the Statewide Model Curriculum for Medical Assisting.  This curriculum is posted on the HWI website.  This curriculum was used as a framework to develop a specialized program in the San Diego region.

The Medical Assistant Training Program (MATP) was developed and delivered beginning in 2013 through a collaboration of the San Diego/Imperial Health Workforce Initiative (HWI) and the University of California, San Diego Extension to North County Health Services (NCHS), a large Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) system located in the northern region of San Diego County. Family Health Centers of San Diego, the largest FQHC system in the county, was initially scheduled to deploy the training in 2014, but plans to implement it in an alternative fashion in 2015.

The need for specialized training for these incumbent workers was identified because of the enhanced and emerging roles of Medical Assistants (MAs) resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The curriculum for MAs consists of eight Basic Modules and eight Advanced Modules, lasting four hours each.  A 24-hour Preceptor Training Workshop for nurses and advanced MAs was also developed to continue to educate new and existing MAs throughout NCHS over time, transforming the organizational culture in the process. Thirty-two experienced MAs and other healthcare professionals completed the Basic and Advanced Modules in the initial training, and half of those completed the Preceptor workshop.

When the project was formally evaluated, four overarching themes emerged which describe the experience of medical assistants in the training program: increased knowledge and skills, patient improvement, personal improvement, and organizational change and challenges.  In this evaluative study, providers, administrators, MAs, and other staff almost unanimously agreed that expanding the role of MAs facilitated quality improvement, enhanced teamwork, improved work-flow, increased patient satisfaction, improved patient safety, and increased productivity of office visits.

For information on the Medical Assistant Training Program curriculum, visit 

Welcome Back Center helps foreign-trained health professionals get licensed in the U.S.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez visited the San Diego Welcome Back Center located at Grossmont College on June 26. The San Diego Welcome Back Center assists foreign-trained health professionals obtain licensure to work in California.  During his afternoon visit, Perez visited a classroom of English learners who recently immigrated to the United States.  After that, he participated in a roundtable discussion that included students and graduates of the Welcome Back Center, and officials from Grossmont College, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, the Health Workforce Initiative, and regional partners.

Deputy Sector Navigator for Health Ann Durham, Director of the Health Workforce Initiative and the San Diego Welcome Back Center, welcomed the group by highlighting the purpose of the program.  “As recipient of the 2011 E Pluribus Unum Prize for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives, the Welcome Back Center takes pride in helping foreign-trained health professionals go from being unemployed or underemployed to practicing in their fields of education and expertise.  Every successful WBC participant increases the diversity of the healthcare workforce, helping to achieve the goal of reflecting the rich diversity in our community.”

Welcome Back Center program participants include legal immigrants and refugees who were trained in the healthcare field in their countries of origin, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Serbia, among others. Helping these professionals obtain California licensure meets the need for cultural and linguistic diversity in the workplace.

The San Diego Welcome Back Center, a program of the Health Workforce Initiative California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, is a one-stop resource center for internationally-trained health professionals. Since its inception in 2001, more than 3,900 foreign-trained health professionals have received assistance through the San Diego Welcome Back Center.  Nearly 700 active participants are currently working with the Center. For more information, visit

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