K-12 to Community College Program Finder

A Pathway Mapping Tool that aligns career education programs and offerings in regional high schools and their corresponding programs of study in the ten community colleges in San Diego & Imperial Counties is here! 

Link to Program Finder

What is Program Finder?
Program Finder is a simple, yet powerful tool designed to connect high school students with Career Education programs offered at local community colleges in San Diego & Imperial Counties. The easy-to-use tool enables students and their parents to browse all industry sectors and find programs that match their interests. The Program Finder also provides community colleges with high school pathway information for outreach and collaboration.

FLYER – Program Finder for Students and Parents (English) 
FLYER – Program Finder for Students and Parents (Spanish) 
FLYER – Program Finder for K-12 & College Faculty, Counselors and Staff
Program Finder Stakeholder Messaging
Program Finder 30 second video

Need to make edits to your district or school site information?

Type “Program Finder Edit” in the subject line and email [email protected] 

Program Finder Practitioner Workshop ppt. presentation
Program Finder Practitioner Workshop recording 
Program Finder Data Collection Process & Contacts Document 

Program Finder Practitioner Workshop components:
– Explore how to navigate the Career Education programs and pathways
– Understand where the data comes from and how it’s maintained
– Learn about the K-12 & Community College crosswalk

California Community Colleges Industry Sector Crosswalk

K-12 to Community College Crosswalk for In-Demand Sectors 

K12 to Community Crosswalk: Industry Sectors and Pathways