Retention, Success & Support


  • Mollie Smith, Chair, San Diego Imperial Regional Consortium
  • Tina Ngo-Bartel, Director, San Diego Imperial Centers of Excellence

SWP Faculty Institute Kickoff
February 28, 2020
Sheraton, Hotel & Marina
Informational Flyer
Status Report (December 14, 2019)


An effective Guided Pathways model removes barriers that prevent student success.[1] To effectively implement Guided Pathways, the San Diego-Imperial region’s community colleges need to better understand the current enrollment, retention, persistence, and completion landscape in their respective courses and programs. The Faculty Institute will address the following topics and questions:

  • What are effective solutions in removing barriers to student success at the institutional, departmental, and classroom levels?
  • What research questions and data are needed to 1) better understand current retention, persistence, and completion outcomes, and 2) improve future success?
  • What resources (aside from technologies/software/equipment) are needed for student support in the classroom to improve these outcomes?
  • What type of environment encourages students to share their challenges/barriers and empowers faculty to recognize and address them?

[1] Student success is defined as successful completion of a course, program, and/or degree.

This workgroup will provide professional development aimed at inspiring faculty and staff to 1) think critically about their programs and courses in terms of retention, persistence, and successful completion, and 2) use course and program data to develop a workplan for improving those outcomes.

Objective #1: The faculty are inspired by best practices in increasing student retention, persistence, and completion. The faculty have a framework of what a successful model may look like for their courses and programs.

Objective #2: The faculty have a baseline understanding of what their institutional data says about their courses and programs’ retention, persistence, and completion rates.

Objective #3: At the end of the day, the faculty have a specific action plan/takeaway they want to accomplish in their classrooms/programs to increase retention and/or success.

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