Career Navigation


  • Claudia Estrada-Howell, Dean, School of Business, Technical Careers, and Workforce Initiatives, San Diego Miramar College
  • George Dowden, Dean of Career and Technical Education, Cuyamaca College
  • Kevin McMackin, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Region


  • To support colleges to provide differentiated and inclusive practices that aim to facilitate students’ onboarding and career decision-making and to enrich students’ learning with career and WBL, as well as job opportunities and activities.


  • Focus on equity, to include processes, services (including remote), and offerings
  • A career services experience that gives all students, especially populations of DI students, myriad opportunities for career awareness and career exploration throughout their student journey
  • Increased participation of students in WBL
  • Embedded career navigation processes into all community college coursework
  • Successful implementation of colleges’ unique Career Services Strategic Plans over three years with support and technical assistance from the Regional Consortium


  • Development of college strategic plans for career services
  • Improved work-based learning and job placement functions at each college
  • Establishment of goals and processes for career services, with equity as a priority
  • Professional development to expand and or improve services offered

Workgroup Materials and Resources