Beginning in 2018–2019, Education Code §§ 88827 established the K12 component of the Strong Workforce Program appropriating $150,000,000 in annual ongoing career technical education funding to strengthen the programs and programs of study for students from secondary to post-secondary education and career. K12 SWP intends to create, support, and/or expand high-quality career education programs at the K12 level that are aligned with the regional priorities of the community college workforce development efforts occurring through the Strong Workforce Program.


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K12 SWP & CTEIG Funding Timeline; combined K12 SWP & CTEIG Funding Timeline

California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant 2020-21 RFA; webinar PPT; timeline; reporting requirements: Report Webinar; Expenditure Report; Report_Signature; EXFiles Instructions

K12 Strong Workforce Program 2020-21 RFA; linktree; Bidders Conference webinar recording; NOVA webinar; 9/14/20 Regional Engagement Meeting recording; 9/21/20 Regional Engagement Meeting recording; Match Guidelines

Round 1  2018-2019 K12 SWP Interim Measures, LEA Survey, Instructional Guide, FAQ, Training Workshop Recording


2019-2020 Intent to Award

2018-2019 Intent to Award


Webinar #1 SWP: Regional Goals and Priorities

Webinar #2 Regional Labor Market Information (LMI)

Webinar #3 How to Write a Strong Proposal


1. Priority and emerging industry sectors:

2. Goals for Career Pathway Development and Middle School and High School Engagement:

Career Pathways Goals

Middle School/High School Engagement Goals

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