Regional Program Recommendations


Step 1. New program development begins with a needs assessment, which includes a labor market demand and supply analysis from the Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research (COE) as the primary data source.

To request labor market information (LMI) from the COE, use the following steps:

  • Notify the college designated Career Education Dean at your campus before making an LMI request. (See a list below.)
  • Check if an existing labor market brief has already been produced for the occupation(s) your proposed program will train for.
  • If no existing labor market brief exists, then submit an online LMI request form.
  • When submitting an LMI request, please include as much information as possible, including the program TOP code and occupational title(s).

Important Information About LMI Requests

  • Submitting an LMI request means that the request is pending. The COE may have follow-up questions regarding the request, so please provide contact information of the person who can help clarify or elaborate in the request form.
  • Due to multiple data requests that the COE receives, the COE asks for a minimum of 30 business days to turnaround one report. If the requester asks for more than one report (e.g., data for more than one occupation), then the turnaround time may be longer.
  • If the COE does not endorse the requested program, alternative evidence of a labor market demand and supply analysis must be submitted, such as an employer endorsement letter. (A template can be found here.)

Current college designated Career Education Deans

Step 2. Once a documentation of need is established, only the requesting college designated Career Education may submit documentation to Programs must be submitted two weeks before the next Deans’ Council.

Step 3.  At the regularly scheduled Deans’ Council meeting (usually the second Friday of each month), programs for recommendation will be placed on the agenda for open discussion and vote.


Labor Market Information (LMI) Request Form (Online form)
Comprehensive Regional Recommendation Process Outline (PDF)
Official Regional Program Recommendation (PDF)

Recommended Programs

The following CE programs have been recommended by the San Diego-Imperial Deans’ Council

Program Recommendations 2020-2022 (google doc)

Program Recommendations 2017-2019 (PDF)

Updated on 9/11/2020

The following CE Programs are going through – or have been through – the Curriculum Program Regional Recommendation Process

Curriculum Program Regional Recommendations Feb 2014 – April 2017 (PDF)

Updated 05/05/2017

The following CE programs have been Recommended by the San Diego-Imperial Workforce Development Council and Approved through the Chancellor.

Program Approvals 2007-2016 (PDF)