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Using Data for Equity: Emerging and Promising Practices

Mesa College; MiraCosta College; Grossmont College; Miramar College; Cuyamaca College; Palomar College; Southwestern College, San Diego College of Continuing Education

Focus on Data and Equitable Outcomes

Representatives from the ten colleges met in a series of online Pathway Navigation Community of Practice (CoP) to showcase emerging and promising practices around using data in ways that respond to and promote student equity in onboarding practices.

Ensuring equitable outcomes for disproportionately impacted students has taken center stage in the Pathway Navigation efforts to improve onboarding experiences, especially in the last two years. CoP members recognize that data tracking is key to the continued commitment to equity and equity outcomes as data helps practitioners to identify, understand, and address issues facing  students. Data also helps practitioners examine not just the outcomes, but also the systems and processes that are in place or need to be put into place to make sure equitable practices are sustained. As the third year of Pathway Navigation implementation draws to a close in 2021, it’s important for college staff to engage in substantive discussion to share their experiences, learn from one another, and focus on transition from the initial investments to institutionalizing their Pathway Navigation practices in future years.

Data Use in Pathway Navigation Practices:

  • Creates and maintains focus on student equity and equitable practices
  • Unpacks challenges to institutionalizing practices
  • Creates an opportunity to connect with campus researchers
  • Identifies promising strategies for implementation to address areas of improvement
  • Supports messaging around the change process in progress
  • Monitors progress and impact
  • Builds momentum

Equity Lens- Data Will Tell Us:

  • Who is the focus?
  • When and where do we focus?
  • What are desired outcomes?
  • How will we ensure impact?
  • How do we measure?

Presentation from the Colleges

Watch the videos below to see how the colleges used data to shape student experience to close the equity gap at their campuses. 

Video Highlights 

Orientation: San Diego Mesa College CRUISE Program

Mesa College presented on their CRUISE orientation program, an innovative and data-driven process that connects new and incoming students with “peer navigators” to create a sense of belonging and lasting engagement.

Career Planning: MiraCosta College ACPs and Success Teams

MiraCosta College shared their experiences with a new career planning technique utilizing Academic and Career Pathway (ACP) Success Teams which connect first-time Black and Latinx students to campus ambassadors to ensure students receive the support they need.


Career Services: San Diego Miramar College

Miramar College shared how looking at data surrounding ethic breakdowns of students, retention rates, and career services used prompted a difficult discussion on professional development within career counseling, and eventually data-driven approaches aimed to better serve BIPOC students.  

Career Exploration: Grossmont College

Grossmont College shared their experiences with personalizing CCC MyPath to better serve their students and provide a richer orientation process. 

Using Student Voices to Build Meaningful Online Orientation: Cuyamaca College

Cuyamaca shared how they rebuilt their online orientation program using student feedback generated from a survey to better serve their diverse population. 

Using CCC MyPath to Enhance Student Intake: Southwestern College 

Southwestern College presented on using CCC MyPath, CCC Apply, and Career Coach data to enhance their student intake programs, with a focus on first generation college students. 

Differentiated Orientation and Pathway Navigation: Palomar College

Palomar shared how they used a career assessment tool called TypeFocus to aid in career planning and retention programs to help generate confidence and career success in their students.

Career Planning and Counseling: San Diego College of Continuing Education

SD College of Continuing Ed presented on solutions they’ve found to help their students complete the application process and get into the right career path using focused career counseling and career assessments to individually reach each student. 

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